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Seinen Weg zu finden in China ist schwer, denn nur um ihr Gesicht zu wahren, sagen einem Chinesen gerne irgendetwas und nie, dass sie es eigentlich nicht wissen. Journalismus in China ist noch härter. Denn nur mit viel Erfahrung lernt man zu unterscheiden was man glauben sollte und was nicht. Es gibt drei Internetseiten, die Informationen auf Englisch verbreiten, Seiten, die von der Partei geschrieben oder kontrolliert werden. Und plötzlich scheint die Welt rosa, in Ordnung.
Denn wussten Sie, dass China ganz vorne liegt, wenn es darum geht, die Milleniums-Entwicklungsziele zu erreichen? China ist vorbildlich, wenn es darum geht, Strom zu sparen und die Natur zu schützen.

China makes outstanding achievements in fulfilling millennium goals“ heißt es auf der Website der offiziellen Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua.

According to statistics of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, China has earlier than schedule accomplished the objectives of halving the population stricken by poverty and hunger, popularizing elementary education, and reducing child mortality. In particular, China has contributed 70 percent of the world population that have been relieved from poverty in the past 20 years.

Meanwhile, China, which is not rich yet but steadily progressing in its development, has stepped up efforts in aiding poverty-stricken developing countries to help them realize the MDGs.

Auch General-Sekretär Ban Ki-Moon weiß den Erfolg Chinas zu schätzen:

„You have made great success, a stride in achieving the Millennium Development Goals,“ Ban said. „I know that you have also very serious problems because of this huge population. There are still many areas underdeveloped.“

„However, as a government you have a strong leadership and good governance, you have all these resources,“ he said. „And we mix all these elements then I’m sure that you will be successful, and these successful stories should be emulated by many developing countries.“

China has been providing huge economic assistance to many developing countries, a good example of South-South cooperation, he said.

„This is very much widely appreciated and I count on China’s such continuing efforts.“

Auf allen chinesischen Seiten der gleiche Tonus: Unsere Nation ist groß, fortschrittlich, vorbildlich. Selbst die ausländische Presse ist voll des Lobes. Nur der Guardian war vor Ort. Er titelt: „China resorts to blackouts in pursuit of energy efficiency – With end of current five-year plan looming, many regions are desperately pulling the plug to meet usage targets“

„No TV. No internet. No air conditioning. Traffic lights off. Hospitals deprived of electricity. Tens of thousands of household fridges and freezers without power. Milk curdling. Vegetables rotting. The risks of delaying energy-saving measures have been all too apparent in a Chinese region where the authorities initiated draconian rationing last month to achieve the state’s efficiency targets.

Anping County, in Hebei Province, cut electricity to homes, factories and public buildings for 22 hours every three days in a radical move that has highlighted both the serious last-minute effort that China is making to achieve environmental goals and the immense long-term difficulty of shifting away from a dirty, wasteful model of economic growth.

There are less than four months left until the end of China’s current five-year plan, during which the economy is supposed to have become 20% more energy efficient. That target (which measures energy use relative to GDP growth) is crucial for a nation that wants to move up the economic value chain and prove to the world that it is making a significant contribution toward tackling greenhouse gas emissions.

Progress towards this goal was initially good, with a 14.4% gain in efficiency until last year. But it was tilted off track in the first three months of 2010 by huge infrastructure spending – largely on energy-intensive steel and cement projects – aimed at warding off the worst effects of the global economic downturn.

This meant China’s economy surged forward at more than double-digit pace, but was having to burn more coal for each yuan of productivity. After this was revealed, the state council – China’s cabinet – ordered the provinces to step up their efforts to reach the energy efficiency target by the end of the year.“ –> weiterlesen


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